Empire Bay Map

The Map

The current version of the map is 1.7, and it was originally released on January 14, 2011 with minor updates on March 13, 2011. There are now 4 downloads for the current version of the map. There's a version for Mafia II, a version for Joe's Adventures, and pre-made SDS versions of both that are ready to be used when playing Mafia II (just navigate to /sds/mapa in the M2 or JA subdirectory, and replace mapa_city.sds there with the downloaded file, renaming the downloaded file appropriately).

There is a discussion thread for the map on the 2K Forums.

[ M2 Map ] [ M2 SDS ] [ JA Map ] [ JA SDS ]

The Map Size

For the measurements of the map area that are shown on the map (the map is approximately 4 square miles, not 10 square miles as stated by 2K), you can see that I copied and pasted the scale off the in-game map along the edges of my map in order to accurately calculate the area covered by the map in square miles. The printed scale on the map has been verified as accurate with the gameworld itself by Carnival from the 2K Forums, who used the in-game distance statistics to determine the approximate size of the city.

When asked numerous times about the size of the Empire Bay map on the 2K Forums, directly and in Q&A threads, after my size calculations were done and had been verified by numerous fans, 2K developers and representatives continued to just state that the map was 10 square miles, or simply did not comment.

It seems like the 2K US staff simply never measured the map themselves, and at some point, incorrect information began to be propogated and was never properly verified with 2K Czech (formerly Illusion Softworks). Denby Grace's quote from August 2009 is particularly indicative of this theory.

i assure you, my information is not wrong. i triple checked. it's 10 square miles!
- Elizabeth Tobey, Community Manager, 2K Forums, April 2008

The size of the world is approximately 10 square miles in size. I haven't measured it personally, but that's what I'm told, which is double the size of the city in Mafia 1.
- Denby Grace, 2K Producer, GameTrailers Interview, August 2009

Empire Bay is 10 square miles.
- Elizabeth Tobey, Senior Manager of Interactive Marketing, 2K Forums, August 2010

Lastly, it should be noted that the actual explorable area of the map is closer to 3 square miles, because of all the areas around the outside edges of the map that the player cannot reach. Mafia II only has two off-map locations, one of which is a prison, the other being the Sicily mission at the start of the game.

Map Textures

Below are some textures extracted from the game. There are the textures for the in-game maps from Mafia 2 and Joe's Adventures (keep in mind that these textures are not at the correct aspect ratio for the map - they have a square aspect ratio as per texture requirements) as well as a texture of a map seen in the Subway Station from Joe's Adventures. The fourth item here is a real life 2009 campaign poster from the Working Families Party in New York that was used as the basis for the "Service Changes" notice seen on the Subway Station map!

Making The Map

To create this detailed map of Empire Bay, I started off by taking screenshots of the in-game map at maximum zoom level. I put this together very carefully. Then, I loaded the texture file of the map from the game files. Since textures have a square aspect ratio by default, I used the screenshots I had taken for measurement, and then corrected the aspect ratio of the map texture and sized it to the maximum zoom level I had established.

I started with the locations shown in-game and on the printed map. I very carefully compared the in-game screenshot version of the map to the printed map, to see if there were any differences in terms of the location icons. I did find a few differences, which are all noted on my version of the map. Each location icon was placed very carefully according to the in-game location, which is sometimes slightly different and more accurate than the printed map. I then went to work exploring the gameworld, adding all the mission locations and other interesting locations that I could find! I carefully mapped the route that the buses take, and drew that in, and with the help of capo de prima parco from the 2K Forums, I added all the phone booths!

There are still a few more things I'd like to add to the map, so stay tuned for future versions.

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